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July 2, 2011
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Sonic the Hedgehog woke up one morning and stretched, it was a pretty good day. "Ok good morning world!" he said and got some toast and cereal. "I better do some jogging so I can stay in shape, I will probably run 100,000 miles today." so he finished his breakfast with OJ and ran out the door real fast, I'm talking way fast.

"I'm not even breakin a sweat" said Sonic, fast. He was fast going past a bunch of blurs that were probably grass and houses but he couldn't tell because he was going too fast.

He turned on his MP3 player to his cool theme music and listened to it as he ran and ran and ran and ran and kept on going until a couple of hours later the music stopped "Oh cool now the batteries are dead cause I forgot to charge them, great!" he stopped to take out his earphones but he looked up and he didn't even know where he was.

Everywhere they were a bunch of rainbows, and there were ponies. This was definitely somewhere else.

"Welcome to Ponyville" said a purple pony and Sonic was like "Whoa, I never heard of that place! Uh nice to meet you I'm Sonic the Hedgehog, fastest guy in the whole universe."

"Ok so have fun!" she said and went some other place. Sonic was walking around looking at all the ponies and wondering where the heck he even was.

"There are a lot of ponies here." he said and then one of the ponies walked up to him and said "Uh whoa, you are a hedgehog or something right?" and Sonic said "Yep I'm Sonic." and te pony said "Well I'm Rainbow Dash so it's very nice to meet you Sonic. What brings you here?"

Sonic thought for a moment and was busy looking at all the rainbow colors on Rainbow Dash. "Uh..." he said, distraction "I was just doing a morning jog of 100,000 miles but I went too far because I was listening to my theme songs, but I only stoped because my MP3 player ran out of batteries. Why is this place full of ponies?"

"I don't know actually but it's a lot of fun. You are kind of cute for a hedgehog, hee hee hee" she said, blushing.

"Uh..." said Sonic, "You are pretty cute for a pony I guess..." he blushed as well and hoped she didn't notice.

"So what is it like where you live?" she asked.

"It's pretty cool except when the day needs saving, that's when I have to get some power-ups and defeat evil or some kind of extreme force against the world, which is sometimes, but not so much so it's mostly alright." he said.

"Everything is magic and friendship over here, we are pretty peaceful but sometimes stuff gets kinda crazy!"


"Oh no! We'd better do something!" shouted Rainbow Dash.

Sonic ran fast yelling "I'm saving you kids!" into the house, but the fire was pretty hot and there was already a bunch of smoke everywhere. He looked through the house fast but he was coughing and it was hard to see. He found one of the ponies in a corner and picked him up and ran outside and put him down. "Ok there lil' bro your safe now! Who else is inside?"

"Two of my friends and my sister quick save them!" he said and so Sonic was running back in fast but the house was close to falling over so Rainbow Dash ran in with him.

"Sonic there's no time, we have to split up! Go upstairs and look for them I'll look downstairs" he said "Ok!" and ran up to do it. He almost fell into the next floor because of breaking boards but he really carefully walked over the burning floor to look for the other pony. He heard someone crying nearby so he looked around and saw it was coming from a closet, he opened the door and there was the pony.

"I'm scared help!" said the pony and Sonic said "*cough* don't worry I'm here to *cough* save you." and picked up the pony and turned to run out but the floor broke and there was a huge whole. "Time to do a Super Sonic Spin!" he said and spun around real fast in place before totally launching over the gap and running down and outside.

Rainbow dash flew outside with another pony and set him down. "There's still one more inside!"

Sonic ran back inside before he even got a chance to breath some fresh air and looked all over the place for the other pony, then finally found her under a bunch of broken boards, still alive. "Ok I gotcha!" he said, really carefully taking the pony out of the boards and running otuside. He handed the pony to rainbow dash before falling over onconscious.

Later when he woke up he was at the pony hospital getting oxygen. He did a flip and was standing up on the bed totally OK. He saw Rainbow Dash was right there.

"Whoa I was totally worried you weren't going to make it, I'm so glad your Ok!!!" she said giving him a huge hug.

"Ack careful or I'm gonna run out of air again!" he said totally surprised. "Are the kids ok"

"Yep there fine, that last pony just got knocked on the head she's fine. We're totally heroes! Princess Celestia wants to give us both medals!"

"Um who is that." asked Sonic

"She's really important. This is pretty big."

"Oh ok. So let's go get some medals!" he said, running out of the hospital with Rainbow Dash following.


Doctor Robotnik was beating his head against a wall.

"Curse that hedgehog! I was going to burn down that town with my Ultra Long Range Lazor Gun and destroy all the cursed ponies living there in order to sell the real estate to get more money for evil projects to rule the world! Why is he always getting in the way of my evil plans???"

"Um excuse me boss" said a robot "they are giving him a hero medal for saving the ponies, everyone will be at the ceremony, if you attacked them at the ceremony then I think you could destroy them all at the same time."

"No that won't-........ wait a second, that is a brilliant idea! You get a Prrrrrrromotion!" said the evil Doctor.

"Oh yay!"

"Get ready, it is time to prepare... the Robo-War-Machine!"


All the ponies were lined up and chatting about the two new heroes , and there was a huge red rug rolled out for Rainbow Dash and Sonic to walk down.

"Oh man oh man oh man this is so cool!" said Rainbow Dash.

"Uh that's a lot of ponies." said Sonic.

A bunch of trumpets went off and then Princess Celestia appeared. Sonic and Rainbow Dash walked forward and then stopped at the front.

"For your brave deeds, Ponyville would like to give each of you a medal for your bravery. Thank you." she said, and was about to give them there medals but it suddenly got really dark.

Everyone turned and saw a giant sphere blocking the sun. It opened up in about 90 holes all over the front and started blasting out flying drones with turret machine guns, and they started shooting. Lazor cannons popped out of the holes as well and started to blast everything, mostly buildings and plants.

Everyone started running in panic.

"ROBOTNIK!" yelled Sonic. "He was probably the one that started that fire! C'mon Rainbow Dash, fly me up there so I can get inside that machine and stop him from destorying this place!"

Sonic jumped on Rainbow Dash and she flew him up past all the bullets and lazors over to the giant Robo-War-Machine floating in front of the sun. She dodged a bunch of lazors, went right over it, and Sonic jumped off of her, flipped in the air, and went falling down onto it with a huge spin motion.

But he couldn't break the outside of the robot and just crashed. Robotnik was looking at him through a camera and laughing "Ha ha ha ha, he can't break this armor, I used titanium!"

"OW, how am I gonna get inside this thing?" Sonic said.

Rainbow Dash kicked one of the lazor cannons right out of the hole and there was an opening. "Try this! I'll destroy some more of these lazors to distract him, you get in and gfinish im off!" she said and flew off to fight.

Sonic ran in through the hole while Robotnik just sat in his chair with a big smile on his face watching hos lazors and robots destroy the ponies.

Sonic found him. "Aha Dr. Idiot, I got inside your robot!"

"Oh very good Sonic, your just in time to watch your little friends get EXPLODED INTO PIECES HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"Not if I stop you!"

"Oh that won't be happening." he said as two big robot arms grabbed Sonic's legs and arms.

"What! Grrrr" said Sonic as he tried to escape. "You won't get away with this!"

"Oh yes I will! and when Ponyville is destroyed, I am selling it to a big company who will build shopping malls and gas stations all over the place, and with that money I will make the most powerful scheme ever to rule the world! And now you can't stop me! HA HA HA HA HA!"

Rainbow Dash destroyed another lazor cannon before wondering "Hmm, Sonic should have stopped this machine by now, he must be in trouble!" so she flew into the Robo-War-Machine and found Sonic trapped. "Hold on I'll get you outta there!" she said and knocked the arms loose. Sonic broke out and grinned at Robotnik.

"What, ponies can fly???" he said backing up. "Arg, I'll just destroy you all!" he said, punching a self-destruct button. He ran into an egg-shaped pod and it shot out of the giant robot. "Goodbye Sonic, forever! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Everything started shaking and a timer set off for 2 minutes.

"It's gonna explode and destroy everything!" said Sonic. "We have to get it out of here!"

"The controls don't work!" said Rainbow Dash after punching a bunch of buttons.

"We're just gonna have to knock it away, c'mon!" he jumped out of the robot and Rainbow Dash flew out and caught him before landing and setting him down.

"Hit it as hard as you can." he said, spinning around really fast to build up energy.

Rainbow Dash flew as fast as she could away from the Robo-War-Machine and then swooped around, going way fast, she was a total blur.

Sonic was spinning so fast that lightning was starting to shoot off of him.

Then at the same time, he shot straight at the sphere as Rainbow Dash hit it at Sonic Rainboom speeds and together they knocked it into SPACE.

Then it exploded.

All the ponies cheered at being saved, and Princess Celestia came out of hiding.

"You both saved all of us this time! You're pretty good heroes!" So she gave them both TWO medals each.

"Whoa cool, I'm a Double Hero." said Sonic.

"OHMYGOSH TWO HERO MEDALS?!" said Rainbow Dash "EEEEEEEEE!!" then she tackled Sonic. "We're heroes!"

"Oof, yeah we really showed that Robotnik and you were way fast, I don't think I ever met anyone that was that fast before." said Sonic.

"Me neither..." said Rainbow Dash, pausing.



"Could you get off of me?" asked Sonic.

"Oh right." said Rainbow Dash getting off of Sonic. "Sooo... do you have a girlfriend?"

Sonic blushed, shocked. "Uh, nope... why?"

"No reason."



"...Yes you can be my girlfriend-"

She tackled him again "We will be the fastest boyfriend and girlfriend combo ever!"

"Ha ha totally! But uh, give me one second because I have to make a phone call real quick, they we can go out on a date or something..."


Amy Rose got home from buying groceries. She put away all the ingredients and went to check her missed phone calls.

"Beep, you have one voice mail." said her answering machine.

"Hey Amy," she heard Sonic say on the message. "listen I just dumped you for a cool new girlfriend who is WAY faster then you and also more cool, and also she's a pony. I'm just letting you know so uh ok bye! I have to start dating her now! *Click*"

Amy froze for a moment then went into her kitchen and got two containers of ice cream, sat on her couch, and started eating them with her hands.

Sonic was at a diner with Rainbow Dash, and they had both ordered a milkshake. Sonic was talking about his buddy Tails.

"...and I don't know how he does it but he spins his tails around real fast and he can fly, I sort of get confused how they don't just tangle up but keep on going like a plain propeller and get him into the air like that." he said.

"Whoa yeah that's kind of confusing. My friends aren't like that at all."

"And I've got this other buddy Knuckles who has spikes on his fists. He's great at breaking things up but he doesn't really get along real great all the time."

There milkshake came and they both started drinking it, just looking at each other, totally in love.

"You are like, so fast Sonic." said Rainbow Dash.

"You're totally fast Rainbow Dash." said Sonic.
This was a story I made for :iconkitten-kites:

The price was 100 :points: so I hope it was totally worth it :shakefist:

If you want me to write you a story then send me a note or something about what you want and I'll tell you how much it's gonna cost or we can work it out or just make me some kind of offer or something.


My brain after writing this =

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